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AMANO PR600 Watchman Clock Recorder

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The Amano PR-600 Watchman Clock utilizes clear, accurate registration of watchman' s patrol records, ensuring protection of your property and facility. It is very simple to use, lightweight and easy to carry. Complete standalone system requires no computer. Battery operated. Shoulder strap not included.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 6.7 " W x 4.6 " H x 2.4 " D.
Weight 1.7 lbs.
Tape length: 12M / roll, 2000 imprints.

Restricts access to record tape and time by use of a master key.
Documents each opening of a recorder by master key with " K " imprint on tape.
Documents opening and closing of recorder with " O " imprint on tape.
Registers each watchman' s ID prior to each patrol route.
Battery indicator light.
99 station keys available.
Self-contained dry cell battery, requires no winding.
Designed for maximum protection against possible mishandling.
Available lock box prevents station key loss.
Lightweight and easy to carry.

Clock Includes
Amano PR-600 Watchman' s Recorder.
1.5 Volt Battery.
Box of Paper Tape, box of ten rolls.
Master Key.

Kontak Perusahaan
Nama:Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar
Situs Web:
Pesan Instan:
Y!: majumapanmandiri Y!: majumapanmandiri Y!: cepkandar Y!: cepkandar
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar di DKI Jakarta
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar di DKI Jakarta
Alamat:Jl. Masjid Al Anwar No. 24 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11540 - INDONESIA

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